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About ME

It's ya girl AYEE BE and welcome to ayeebecreativeco . I am a certified 90s baby and my brand reflects just that.   Seeing a space for US created by HBCUs in "A Different World" and "School Daze" resonated with me. That scene in "House Party" kept me in trouble because I tried recreating the dance breakdown every change I GOT in my moms living room. Growing up I KNEW I was going to be Nina and find my Darius thanks to watching "Love Jones" on repeat. Whether  it was the movies, the soundtrack or the shows, you couldn't say that growing up BLACK in the 90's wasn't lit.  I have to head back to the 90's on a daily basis because the era was truly one to remember. I'm happy to "pick" you up a few things on my way back. 

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